A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Take a trip down the rabbit hole as Alice and find your way to Wonderland in this third-person puzzle-platformer.  Use your logic, platforming skills, and helpful hints from a fluffy white friend to navigate through this fantasy escape room.

This game was created by 3 MFA students in the University of Miami Interactive Media Department over a 4-week period.

All assets used were obtained from the Unity asset store.  Including, but not limited too,  textures, 3D models,  and audio.

Game & Scene Design:
Nidhi Kalaria (nidhikalaria2@gmail.com, ntk22@miami.edu),
Gustavo Soriano (egs841@miami.edu, egs305pro@gmail.com),
Casey O'Brien (casey.ann.obrien@outlook.com, cao68@miami.edu)

Casey O'Brien

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip files.

Windows users should launch the .exe file.


Alice | EscapeRoom Windows.zip 71 MB
Alice | Escape Room Mac.zip 80 MB

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